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Xenomorph is an online curatorial pairing of progressive electronic dance music and browser-based art. Published on NewHive, it is an investigation of new forms of expression IRL and URL – other shapes.

Xenomorph acknowledges prevalent industry injustice and aims to promote and support the work of LGBTQIA and female-identified DJs, producers, and artists.

Producers and Artists:

  1. Huerco S. x Genevieve Belleveau
  2. Dreamcrusher x Shelbi Chew
  3. Tallesen x Jóno Mí Ló
  4. Via App x French Grey 90 Percent
  5. Jackson Randall x Molly Soda
  6. Sis x Rebecca Fin Simonetti
  7. Narren Schiff x Jackson Randall

    & Two more collaborations upcoming. 😉

Site development, curation, and design: Jackson Randall
Design assistance and logotype: Greg Ruben
Back-end development assistance: Karl Hohn

The project launch was celebrated at Williamsburg venue Cameo Gallery on March 28, 2015, with live sets by Tallesen, Via App, Huerco S., Gut Nose; Jackson Randall / Sis / Narren Schiff DJing b2b; live video by Ariele Max (Dollargem); and photography by Luis Nieto Dickens (No Sleep NYC). A gallery of photographs is available here.